UAT partners with University of Winchester

The Hotel Management and Tourism Department of the University of Africa Toru-Orua, Nigeria is partnering with the University of Winchester (UK) on a project related to the online teaching of tourism subjects/modules. The Project leader is Dr Hugues Seraphin. We are planning to create a customized website with 12 lectures on tourism and cognate discipline. In this respect, we are asking academics around the world to design the equivalent of a 2 hours online lecture (or seminar) on a topic related to tourism or any related discipline. The objective is to develop effective pedagogical tools that may be shared as resources to the academic community and other stakeholders worldwide. In so doing, we are exploring collaboration possibilities in order to enhance and enrich online teaching practice.

The benefits to you as a contributor:

  • Your resources will be uploaded on a website with your names and affiliation
  • All the contributors will have access to this bank of resources
  • International visibility of your resources
  • You produce a 2-hours lecture/seminar, and in return, you have access to a bank of international resources
  • The international website will promote visibility of the contributor and his/her university
  • Networking with other academics

You have till 28 February 2021 to submit the final work!

If you are interested to be part of this international journey, you are invited to design a PPT and include videos, case studies, pictures or any other features to make it interactive and interesting. You have to provide a detailed lesson plan in line with the resources you are proposing. To confirm your acceptance, we need the following from you:

  • Email us by 05 November 2020 on and to confirm your interest;
  • State the topic of your lecture as you confirm your acceptance;
  • Before emailing the final work, if possible, test them on your students in order to identify the weaknesses; you may then send the improved version by the set deadline of 28 February 2021.

Best Regards

Vanessa (University of Africa, Toru-Orua) and Hugues (University of Winchester)

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