I am aware that some of you have alerady heard the news from various sources, but I felt that it was important that you hear it from the horse’s mouth, as it were. Five teams from UAT have come out tops following the selection of their research proposals for funding by the Bayelsa Education Trust Fund (EDTF). To put in it perspective, there was an overall call for proposals from ALL higher education institutions in the State. 64 applications were received. Only 9 were selected for funding, based on a scoring system in which FOUR OF the FIVE HIGHEST SCORES were from UAT submissions and the overall highest score (84%) for all 64 was from UAT.

Overall, UAT came out among the TOP SEVEN OUT OF SIXTY FOUR submissions

These grants were capped at no more than N7 million per submission, although what was approved in all cases was only a percentage of the maximum. UAT teams received a total of N19,300,000.

So, we want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to our UAT teams listed below. I would be remiss if I did not also mention that, in each of the 4 projects in the Natural and Applied Sciences, Prof. Mansi took the role of Principal Investigator and it is largely thanks to his long experience in research and proposal writing that our teams did so well. Over the last two and a half years, Prof. Mansi has raked in more than N215 million in grant funding, evidence of which is clear in the quality of equipment in our Microbiology and Biotechnology laboratories.

Drs. Poi and Sapele led the Social Science Team which is one of the 5 teams.

Let this serve as encouragement to others and proof that we have the capacity to nurture a strong
research culture.

Prof. Kingston Nyamapfene

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