VC's End-of-Year Message

With much of the focus on the Yuletide at this time of the year, I thought I should take time to join all of you in celebrating the season but also take a little time to reflect on the short time I have been on this new journey with you. I have come to meet most of you either in a group or individually and, in the process come to also know something of some of your personal stories. I have also become aware that, while there is little doubt that everyone has felt the effects of the small changes that have happened over the last four months, reactions have varied from skepticism, or unhappiness to appreciation. Such is the nature of change and transitions and I accept that not everyone will feel the same about ANY change. The important thing is that, we have a shared vision to work towards, that is the realization of the common goal of creating an institution that, in the next few years, will claim a new place in the annals of higher education in Nigeria. To achieve that, my commitment to you is that I want every voice and every shade of opinion to be allowed space and time to be heard, for, from the diversity of ideas and views, we can enrich the fabric of the tapestry of ideas which great universities are made of.

Let me, at this point therefore, thank all of you for the good work you are all doing, often under difficult circumstances or with resource constraints. For my part, with the rest of the Management team, I want to assure you that we are operating in overdrive, to secure resources for the institution and to significantly improve the quality of your lives on campus and at home. The increased hours of electricity supply and ensuring a steady and reliable supply of clean water are but small examples of the kind of outcomes I have committed myself to putting resources into.

Several of you have voluntarily come forward to highlight issues and challenges facing staff and, in many cases, also proposed solutions. I want to commend those efforts and express my gratitude for the helpful insights I have gained from them. We need more such community-centered thinking and working together. In addition, it is my commitment that we should find ways to encourage, recognise and celebrate those among us who excel in their work or go the extra mile to ensure that we move closer to our goals or simply to help another member of our community get closer to their personal goals, within the framework of the roles and responsibilities assigned to them. To that end, before February, 2020, I intend to inaugurate a small working group to hammer out procedures we shall adopt to recognise and reward such members of our community.

Let me now wish you all a merry Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous new year ahead. For those of you joining us for the first time in January, 2020, I want to extend a warm welcome and the assurance that, if I have not had a chance to meet with you by the 17th of January, please contact my office to fix an appointment for us to get acquainted.


Kingston Nyamapfene
Vice Chancellor