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Welcome to the University of Africa, at Toru-Orua (UAT), one of Africa’s youngest institutions, having taken in its first cohort of undergraduate students in 2017. UAT, a State university with a strong focus on “internationalisation” represents a new way of providing and managing higher education, combining the benefits of strong State support with private sector entrepreneurial thinking.

Its commitment to internationalisation is amply reflected in its curricular structure, partnerships with carefully selected institutions in other parts of the world and the composition of both its faculty and students.


We prioritize global partnerships, multicultural perspectives, and fostering a global mindset among students and faculty.


Our institution places an unwavering commitment to discipline at its core. We cultivate a culture of accountability, integrity, and order, fostering personal and academic growth in every student.


Our institution recognizes that research is the lifeblood of progress, innovation, and societal development. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and renowned scholars to foster an environment where groundbreaking discoveries flourish.

about University of Africa

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