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The Faculty of Agriculture is established in response to the need for innovative development, packaging and transmission of appropriate, environment-friendly technologies and practices for increasing agricultural productivity and attainment of food and nutrition security. The Faculty considers it appropriate and imperative to train graduates who have broad-based knowledge of the various aspects of agriculture and natural resource utilization and conservation. The intention is that upon graduation, students should be practically trained, theoretically knowledgeable and result–oriented to set up themselves in actual agricultural production and agro-preneurial services as means of reducing graduate unemployment.

The Faculty focuses attention on the establishment of state-of-the – art technologies and practices for sustainable production, protection, management, processing, renewal and agricultural product development. There are therefore opportunities for formal training at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for the acquisition of basic and higher degrees, and advancement of the frontiers of agriculture through teaching, research and extension and overall national development

The Faculty runs general courses for all students from 100 level to 300 level and courses in the different Departments from 400 and 500 levels. These training programmes are mounted through classroom instructions, laboratory and field practical demonstrations and Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES).

Graduates from the Faculty would find suitable employment in government establishments (Ministries and Parastatals), agro based companies (Food and Chemical), private farms and financial institutions. Also, graduates would find suitable employments in the Research Institutes, Food & Beverages Industries, Pharmaceutical Companies, Agro-Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, State and Federal Ministries of Agriculture and Industry, River Basin Development Authorities, Agricultural Development Programmes, National and International Development Agencies, Agricultural Units of Banks.


The major objectives of the Faculty are to:

  1. train undergraduates broadly in the field of agricultural production with emphasis on AEE, APH, CSP, FAT and HMT
  2. provide opportunities for goal oriented research in agriculture relevant to the country’s needs in general and local needs in particular
  3. offer the public the results of research output and foster the practical application of these results
  4. contribute to the attainment of the goal of self-sufficiency in food production and provision of raw materials to support the growth of agro-based industries
  5. enhance the rural employment opportunities and attendant improvement of the quality of rural life
  6. participate effectively in sustainable food production through collaboration with Federal, State and Local governments, government ministries and parastatals, research institutes and other international organizations.
ProgramUTMEDirect EntryRemarks
Agriculture - (B. Agric.)Five credits at SSCE (or its equivalent) including English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology/Agricultural Science.Two A’ Level passes in Chemistry and one of Botany/Zoology Biology/Physics/Agric. Science, Geography, Mathematics, Geology, Economics and Health ScienceUTME subjects are: Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science and Mathematics/ Physics.
Fisheries and Aquaculture (B. Sc.)Five credits at SSCE (or its equivalent) including English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology/Agricultural Science, and Physics/Geography/EconomicsTwo A’ Level passes in Chemistry and one of Botany/Zoology Biology/Physics/Agric. ScienceUTME subjects are: Chemistry, Biology/Agric, and Maths/Physics.
Hotel Management and Tourism (B. Sc.)Five Credits at SSCE (or its equivalent) in English, Mathematics, Biology/Agric. Science and one of Physics, Geography and Economics.Two A’ level passes in Chemistry and one of Biology/Botany/Physics/Agric. Science/Geography/Economics/<br>Mathematics/AccountingUTME subjects are: Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and Mathematics/Physics or one social science subject


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