This charter outlines the expectations that the University of Africa, Toru-Orua has of its students, with standard of behaviour that are required. It also outlines what students can expect in return from the University. Consistent with our core values of: INTEGRITY, KNOWLEDGE, DIGNITY, EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE. CODE OF CONDUCT

  1. To always treat members of staff and fellow students with courtesy and show them respect.
  2. To be committed to your studies and work hard to achieve the best results.
  3. To act properly during the University activities and never to harass or discriminate against other students or staff.
  4. To show respect for the environment and the local community.
  5. To provide accurate information about yourself before and during your course.
  6. To obey the University rules and not to bring the name of the University into disrepute.
  7. To always project the good image of the University.
  8. To shun cultism and every act of violence within and outside the University.
  1. To treat you with courtesy and respect and to respond to your reasonable needs.
  2. To enable you to join the University’s activities without harassment or discrimination.
  3. To keep your personal information confidential, unless you tell us otherwise or we are legally required to disclose it.
  4. To provide you with accurate information before and during your course.
  5. To keep the University rule.


  1. To prepare fully for and attend the sessions in your timetable.
  2. To take responsibility for your own learning and development.
  3. To participate actively in seminars, workshops and other group work.
  4. To familiarize yourself with the University policies relating to intellectual property and plagiarism.
  5. To seek and listen to the advice of your tutors in your academic development.
  6. To use the resources provided to help you.
  7. To tell us if you are having difficulties with your academic work, or if you have any problems that may affect your work, as soon as possible.
  8. To show responsibility in the use of various facilities provided to enhance learning in the University.
  1. To employ well-qualified staff to teach and support you during your course.
  2. To provide courses that that are well organized, well taught and up-to-date.
  3. To provide appropriate counsel on how to derive maximum benefits from your programmes.
  4. To provide you with the criteria for your academic assessment.
  5. To ensure that your programmes is delivered in a suitable environment and that all the essential resources and equipment are available to you.
  6. To give you an accurate timetable for your course at the commencement of each semester, and not to cancel or alter sessions other than in exceptional circumstances.


  1. To prepare for and complete all assessments and to write and reference your work in an appropriate academic standard.
  2. To hand in your coursework on then due dates and to attend examinations/assessments.
  3. To collect your assessed work promptly and take note of the feedback offered.
  4. Never to cheat in any way and to act responsibly in all assessments and examinations.
  5. Not to come late to classes.
  6. Dress properly to classes, and at all other times.
  7. Not to use mobile phones when in class.
  8. To be determined and be focused.
  9. To set a goal for yourself.
  10. Never to expect to gain any academic advantage through illegal copying of work, bribery or other dishonest means.
  11. To tell us about any special circumstances that might affect your work or your ability to meet course-work deadlines as soon as they occur, and to give us independent evidence to support your case.
  12. To be responsible in all your learning processes.
  1. To access your work in a way that is fair, efficient, professional and externally verifiable.
  2. To give you clear information about your assessment; when they are due and how they will be marked.
  3. To give you helpful and timely feedback on all your assessed work.
  4. To tell you what happens if you hand in work late or do not submit an assessment; and how we deal with plagiarism, collusion and other academic offenses.
  5. To give reasonable consideration to any individual circumstances that might affect your assessments.


  1. To make the best use of all learning resources available for you.
  2. To respect the rights of other students to enjoy equal and undisturbed access to those facilities.
  3. To treat the staff with respect and courtesy and to keep the Library and ICT regulations.
  4. To return all items that you borrow when they are due, undamaged, and to pay any fines or debts incurred promptly.
  5. To submit yourself for search while leaving the Library.
  6. Not to come into the Library with your bags.
  7. Not to use your phone while in the Library.
  8. To abide by other rules and regulations guiding the use of the Library as contained in the Student Handbook.
  9. To abide by the ICT Acceptable Use Policy.
  10. To use the ICT facilities for educational purposes, and not for unlawful, recreational use.
  11. To respect the right of other students to benefit from the ICT provision undisturbed.
  12. To produce ID when requested.
  13. To report any suspected malpractice in the use of the ICT facilities to a member of staff as soon as possible.
  14. To treat the ICT equipment and its environment with respect.
  1. To provide good quality and well-resourced library and ICT facilities.
  2. To ensure welcoming and professional staff are available to give you help and advices so that you can make the best use of the Library and ICT systems.
  3. To have an up-to-date, easy-to-use, library catalogue and e-resources.
  4. To provide support for learning development as a group, and on an individual basis.
  5. To protect and preserve student data and ensure confidentiality.
  6. To strive to engage with students with politeness, honesty and integrity at all times.


  1. Maintain good relationships with your Room Mate as well as your Hall Mates.
  2. Keep the bathrooms tidy at all times.
  3. Ensure that you keep the toilets neat at all times by flushing after use.
  4. Use only toilet tissues or water for cleaning after answering the call of nature.
  5. Switch off all electrical appliances when leaving your room to conserve energy.
  6. Pick up dirt whenever you see them and ensure the general cleanliness of the Hall.
  7. Report any smoke detection immediately.
  8. Do not remove any item from another room to your room.
  9. Playing music or other forms of noise making is not allowed.
  10. Visitors should only be attended to at the Common Room.
  1. Provide good accommodation for you.
  2. Ensure that water/electricity is available at all times.
  3. Ensure your security and adequate protection.
  4. To always provide facilities that will make your residency in the Hall interesting.


  1. You must not go into the Laboratories with your bags.
  2. Use of phones is not allowed in the Laboratories.
  3. Ensure that you keep to all safety rules in the Laboratories.
  4. No Laboratories equipment must be taken out.
  5. Breaking of equipment will be met with appropriate sanctions.
  6. You must submit yourself to body search by the appropriate Laboratory Officer while leaving the Laboratory.
  7. Noise making is not allowed in the Laboratories.
  8. Abide by all the rules and regulations of the Laboratories.


  1. Students must participate in sporting activities.
  2. Times allocated for sports must be respected.
  3. The spirit of sportsmanship must be imbibed by all students.
  4. Sports equipment must be handled with care.
  5. All other rules and regulations guiding sporting activities must be strictly adhered to.

campus ROAD

  1. Students must ensure that the campus roads/walkways are kept clean at all times by picking dirt when found on the roads/walkways.
  2. Ensure that they don’t walk on lawns or cross the same.
  3. Ensure that the landscape is respected and maintained.
  4. Be part of the vanguard for campus beautification.
  5. Report cases of disrespect for landscape/lawns to the appropriate authority.

general campus conduct

  1. What you must do as a Student of UAT.
  2. To behave with courtesy and dignity towards all other members of the University community at all times.
  3. To treat the University buildings and property with respect.
  4. To take responsibility for yourself and solve problems yourself if you feel that you can.
  5. To seek help for any problems that you cannot resolve yourself as soon as possible.
  6. To pay University fees and charges when you owe them.
  7. To be aware of your own good health and fitness, both physical and mental.
  8. Not to indulge in any anti-social behavior whilst a student of the University.
  1. To take all steps to help ensure your security and safety on campus.
  2. To provide you adequate facilities for study, living and recreation on campus.
  3. To give you clear and accurate information about fees and other University charges, and how you can pay them.
  4. To provide a range of sources of support, offering confidential and impartial advice in a fair and non-judgmental way.


Failure to abide by the standards of the charter will mean that you will be subjected to University Disciplinary Proceedings. But as we all want you to succeed in graduating as an excellent, hard-working, dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled citizen where the world is your future, we implore you to abide by the university code of conduct while in the university.

NOTE: Please ensure that you properly study the Student Handbook as it contains more information relating to your Studentship at the University of Africa, Toru-Orua.